The government will not show any tolerance for parents who demand that their children attend classes at school without tests and masks to contain the spread of the coronavirus.


Greece’s new tax breaks, partly meant to keep the economy on the recovery path, will likely be challenged by the return of fiscal rules in 2023, analysts tell Kathimerini.


Presaging “hundreds of millions” of climate change refugees, Turkey’s president said Tuesday at the UN General Assembly that the world needs to find a way to contend with its existing refugees who are fleeing conflict.


All Greek nationals in Sudan are safe and in good health, Greece’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed in the wake of Tuesday’s coup attempt in the North African country.


Police in Athens ae investigating a small cache of weapons turned in by an elderly resident of the downtown Exarchia district on Tuesday.


During one of the deepest troughs in bilateral relations in the fall of 1999, Greece and Turkey went from being on the brink of war to a rapprochement.


Ilias Makris18.09.2021

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